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742,000 Shots Given Out During Vaccine Week

picture of vaccine location

From Monday morning to Saturday evening, 742,000 Hungarians got vaccinated against Covid during Vaccine Week, the Operative Body announced on

Out of that group, 609,000, or 88%, arrived at designated vaccination sites for their third booster shot (including the editor of Hungarian Politics), while 91,000 people received their first shot and the rest got a second dose of the vaccine.

The most popular day last week was Friday, with 139,520 people showing up to get vaccinated. The vaccination sites were open on Sunday as well.

Vaccine Week will also continue into next week, meaning that Hungarians covered by the country’s social security plan will be able to get vaccinated against coronavirus at specific locations from 7:00am to 7:00pm without having to register in advance. The list of vaccination stations and their locations can be found at

The number of people vaccinated, including the current Vaccine Week figures, has now risen to 6,115,235, of whom 5,836,668 have received a second vaccine and 2,443,456 already got their third booster vaccine.

The booster shot is recommended for those who had their previous shot 4 months ago or longer, as the third dose reportedly raises the level of protection against the coronavirus by 80-90%.


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