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Hungary “Driven by Personal Power, Greed, Corruption,” Says Hillary Clinton

picture of Hillary Clinton

There is a crisis in democracy that is already palpable in the United States, with authoritarian regimes gaining ground worldwide, 2016 Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton told MSNBC.

The tools of disinformation and propaganda, as well as the manipulation of people by algorithms and artificial intelligence, will only make it more difficult to fight anti-democratic processes, the former US Secretary of State said to host Rachel Maddow.

Specifically, there are people fighting the current liberal democratic system in the United States, those who see as a threat the civil rights, cultural, and social changes that have been achieved so far, and are willing to “turn the clock back.”

Referring to Trump supporters who besieged the U.S. Capitol, Clinton said that these people didn’t like the world we live in right now, and on this point,

“they have that in common with autocratic leaders from Russia to Turkey to Hungary to Brazil and so many other places, who are driven by personal power, and greed, and corruption. But who utilize fears about change to try to get people to hate one another and feel insecure, and therefore, be easily manipulated by demagogues and by disinformation.”


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