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Government to Extend State of Emergency Until June 2022

picture of Zsolt Semjén

Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén (pictured) has submitted a law to Parliament that, among other things, would extend the state of emergency in Hungary due to the coronavirus until June 1, 2022, writes Telex. The bill is considered “critical,” meaning that it will require a two-thirds majority of MPs present to pass it.

The state of emergency provides the government the opportunity to react quickly in extraordinary circumstances. As defined by the “two-thirds” law, government regulations issued in such a state may suspend certain laws, deviate from statutory provisions, and permit the government to take other exceptional measures.

The Disaster Management Act details the areas in which these emergency measures are typically taken, such as vehicular traffic, occupying public spaces, restrictions on congregating, and eviction. However, Telex points out that in reality the law can cover a much wider range of activity, allowing the government to take nearly any action it sees as important to protect against the virus and providing justification for it as well.


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