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Gov’t Ends State of Emergency, Then Declares New One Over Ukrainian War

In accordance with the legal framework of the amendment to the Fundamental Law that will enter into force in November, the government has re-declared a state of emergency over the armed conflict and humanitarian disaster in the territory of Ukraine, explained the Government Information Center (KTK) about the relevant government decrees on the topic published in the latest issue of the Official Gazette.

KTK highlighted that the government would also submit a bill to Parliament on extending the state of emergency. Since the rules in the Fundamental Law regarding state of emergency declarations will change as of November 1, Parliament has to end the currently-valid state of emergency and declare a new state of emergency in accordance with the new powers provided in the Fundamental Law.

According to the governmental body, “the special legal system still needs to be maintained because of the protracted armed conflict in Ukraine, a neighbor of Hungary, and the resulting humanitarian disaster. Even the economic effects of the war and the sanctions put Hungary in an extraordinary situation.”

The government has used the wartime state of emergency decree as a pretext to justify many unrelated actions, and has refused to release data in the public interest about it. The decree covers nearly all areas of life, from the use of the SZÉP card to export bans, new mining permits, energy supply rules, price caps on fuel and food, and health regulations.

On Monday, Parliament voted for states of emergency to last for only 180 days, but allowing them to be renewed indefinitely. [Népszava]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    As far as I know, only one country in EU, Hungary has a “state of emergency”, secondary to Russian aggression in Ukraine. That is the real take away here regarding Orbán’s “continuance” of the so called “emergency” i.e. just another power grab by this regime.

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