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Vaccine Week Off to Rip-Roaring Start

picture of woman getting vaccine shot

Vaccine Week started with a bang yesterday with 51,000 coronaviruses vaccines administered by noon at designated vaccination sites, announced the Secretary of State for Territorial Administration in the Prime Minister’s Office on public media. István György said that 42,000 of these were booster shots, 7,000 were people getting their first shots of the vaccine, and second vaccine shots made up the rest.

Five types of vaccines are being used, all of which are available at the vaccination sites. Soldiers and government officials are assisting medical personnel with management and administrative duties.

The roughly 7,000 first shots of the vaccine given out by noon on Monday are several times more than the average daily number of shots administered over the past few months, said István György, who encouraged everyone to get vaccinated if they haven’t already.

György also said that hospitals had been asked to open new vaccination sites if necessary to shorten long waiting times.

Vaccine Week launched on Monday at 101 hospitals and clinics across the country. Anyone can drop in between 7:00am and 7:00pm at these places without prior appointment or registration to get a vaccine or booster shot until Sunday.


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