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Hungary’s Price Cap on Fuel Leads to “Gas Tourism”

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With the government capping the price of regular gas and diesel oil in Hungary, Index writes about the phenomenon of “gas tourists” coming to the country from across the border.

Visitors from Slovakia can save up to 70 Ft. (US $0.21) per liter, writes the news portal, while Austrians can save 20-40 Ft. (US $0.06-$0.12) when refueling in Hungary. This means Slovakia “gas tourists” can save around 3,500 Ft. (US $10.64) on an average 50-liter full tank, while those from Austria can save a thousand forints or two when filling up in gas stations located in Hungary.

“You can tell that there have been more cars with Slovak license plates stopping to fill up lately compared to before. Gas and diesel are more expensive over there, so they are taking advantage of the opportunity to get it cheaper here,” a filling station attendant told RTL Híradó.

The Hungarian government announced on November 11 that it would cap gasoline prices at 480 Ft. (US $1.46) for three months, starting on November 15. According to the regulation, petrol stations that do not comply with the rules may be subject to fines and closures.


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