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Anna Donáth Chosen as New Momentum President

picture of Anna Donáth

Anna Donáth (pictured) has been chosen as the second Momentum president in the history of the party, reports Azonnali.

Two other candidates had also competed for the party’s top spot in addition to Donáth. Anna Orosz, the Deputy Mayor of Újbuda and a member of the party’s leadership, and Gábor Hollai, a representative in Budapest’s District XVI municipality, were also in the running for the position, which was chosen by the party’s selection committee.

Donáth, who currently represents the party in the European Parliament, won 57% of the committee’s vote. Her competitor Anna Orosz was second with 29%, with Hollai in the third place spot at 14%.

When she announced her candidacy, Donáth wrote, “I have been an active member of Momentum for the past five years, and this community has been the most defining part of my life for five years. As president, I am committed to shaking up and holding together the community of Momentum members and those advocating change, so that we can finally replace the government in 2022.”

On her future plans as party leader, Donáth stated that she would “represent a socially-sensitive worldview with a greater emphasis on tackling the challenges of the 21st century, such as climate change.”

She added that “in the coming decades, we need to reorganize society around communities so that we have a chance to fight the climate catastrophe and the astonishing rise in the rate of inequality.”

“Strong communities and strong community action are needed at both the municipal and European-wide level. That is what I mean by a progressive, green, socially sensitive policy, and that is what I will represent as the head of the Momentum,” wrote the party’s new president.

The Momentum presidency became vacant after András Fekete-Győr, who had led the party from the beginning in 2017, lost a vote of confidence from board members after he placed last in the primary election to be the prime ministerial candidate of the joint opposition. However, the party still chose Fekete-Győr to lead their party list at next year’s elections as well as the head of the Momentum caucus in Parliament.


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