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Fidesz Paying Students for Supposed “Activist” Work, Says MSZP

picture of László Botka

Fidesz employs supposed “activists” to canvass from house-to-house and collect signatures for its “Stop Gyurcsány! Stop Márki-Zay!” petition for 1,200 Ft (US $3.74) per hour, announced the Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) at the end of October. MSZP had planted a party member to conduct canvassing work in Győr on behalf of Fidesz, and provided a secretly-recorded video as evidence of its claims.

MSZP said that its evidence proved that workers collecting signatures for Fidesz’ campaign “are paid under the table for this kind of work, avoiding Hungarian tax laws by explaining that they are only ‘activists.'”

Now, left-leaning László Botka, mayor of Szeged (pictured), has posted on social media that he was visited by “a young woman collecting signatures for Csaba Bartók and Fidesz.”

According to Botka, the student workers informed the mayor that she was also getting paid by the hour to conduct her canvassing work.


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