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Ujhelyi: Hardly Anyone Showed Up for “Elkxrtuk” Screening in Brussels

picture of István Ujhelyi

Hungarian MEP István Ujhelyi was a guest on Szeged Televízió on Wednesday, where he spoke about the trip of opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay to Brussels this week, which Ujhelyi helped organize.

Ujhelyi talked about the large reception Márki-Zay received from Hungarians residing in the Belgian capital at an event on Tuesday evening, and that many people couldn’t recall so many Hungarians coming together at once for a politically-themed event.

At the same time, the Socialist MEP mentioned that “a lying film was shown in Brussels, where no one but Fidesz staff, people sent by the embassy and MEP Tamás Deutsch showed up,” referring to the Brussels premiere of the politically-oriented film “Elkxrtuk.”

Ujhelyi claimed that the movie theater in Brussels was told it would be “a Hungarian action-thriller,” but when it realized that the film was really about political events, the cinema felt it had been tricked and nearly cancelled the showing the day before the Tuesday evening.

“It was more than shameful,” said Ujhelyi, but “compared to this, we Hungarians gathered together in another place, those of us who held a belief that we could change the country.”

[][Photo: Szeged Televízió]

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