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Deutsch Invites EU Leaders to Watch “Elkxrtuk” Premiere in Brussels Next Week

picture of Tamás Deutsch

Fidesz’ group in the European Parliament informed state news agency MTI on Friday that the new politically-oriented film “Elkxrtuk” would be screened in Brussels next Tuesday, November 9, as previously reported. The screening will be organized by the Brussels Representation of the Foundation for Civic Hungary, and the Hungarian Wave Public and Cultural Society.

MEP Tamás Deutsch, the leader of the group, said that the Brussels premiere will be of particular importance, because EU officials “are constantly trying to educate us here about the rule of law. At the same time, in 2006, on the orders of the left-wing prime minister, Ferenc Gyurcsány, police boots trampled the rule of law in Hungary, which by then was already an EU member state.”

“But the gentlemen of Brussels, fighting at the frontline for the ‘rule of law,’ and the activists of the European left did not move an inch,” claimed Deutsch.

“If the actual protection of the rule of law interests them just a little bit, then they should come and see the film about Gyurcsány’s mass police terror, which brutally attacked the rule of law,” said the Fidesz MEP.


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