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Hungarian Laws Go Against EU Principles, Says Reynders

picture of Didier Reynders

Discrimination against people with a different sexual orientation can clearly be felt in Hungary, the Commissioner for Justice in the European Commission said on a visit to Budapest this week.

Didier Reynders said that they were convinced that Hungarian regulations were contrary to the principles of freedom held by the European Union, and that they would like to see a change in the law, he added.

The Commissioner visited Hungary from Wednesday to Friday, and during this time he held talks with representatives from the legislature, government, courts and civil society on the findings of this year’s report on the rule of law.

Didier Reynders said that the EU was examining the functioning of the judiciary, corruption, the state of the media and checks and balances in Hungary. The Commission’s position has not fundamentally changed compared to their earlier assessment, added the commissioner.

After meeting with Commissioner Reynders, Minister of Justice Judit Varga stated that the Hungarian government’s position is that there is no legal basis for the European Commission’s report on the rule of law. She believes that since there is no legal basis in the EU Treaties for such a procedure, no action can be taken on it as a result.


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