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Hungary’s Green Party Disappointed With Glasgow Conference So Far

picture of Máté Kanász-Nagy

Politics Can Be Different (LMP), Hungary’s Green Party, has been disappointed with the results of the UN Climate Change Conference being held in Glasgow so far, party co-chair Máté Kanász-Nagy said at a press conference that the party streamed over Facebook on Sunday.

Next year will mark 50 years since the first world conference on environmental destruction was held, but the situation has only gotten worse since that time due to human-induced climate change. “We know what we need to do, but we still don’t do it,” said Kanász-Nagy. “At most, we try to deal with the environmental crisis in a symptomatic way.”

The LMP politician doesn’t believe we should focus on consumption, but on our quality of life, which will require a change in the entire economic and social system. The “overheated market economy system” exploits the environment and nature, he added.

Although the world’s leading states had made positive commitments so far in Glasgow, such as those to protect forests and reduce methane emissions, Kanász-Nagy does not consider them to be adequate compared to the threat facing the planet.

“As for Hungary, it’s as if it weren’t even there at the climate summit,” stated the opposition politician. “The Hungarian government continues to stand on the side of polluting multinational corporations and block the spread of renewable sources of energy.”

[Magyar Hang][Photo: LMP / Facebook]

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