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Poll: 85% of Transylvanian Hungarians Will Vote for Fidesz Next Year

picture of Székely kapu

Most Hungarians in Transylvania are not that interested in Hungarian politics, but many are still expected to take part in next year’s election in Hungary, and the vast majority say they will cast their vote for Fidesz, according to a new poll by the Bálványos Institute and Transylvania Inquiry.

An estimated 42% of ethnic Hungarians in Transylvania who also have Hungarian citizenship said they would vote in the Hungarian parliamentary elections, with 83% of them supporting Fidesz.

The second most popular Hungarian party in Transylvania is Jobbik, at 4% support. The primary elections held by the opposition, however, did not motivate Transylvanian Hungarians as much as their brethren in Hungary itself, as only 3% said they would vote for the common list.

According to the survey, only 25% of Transylvanian Hungarians are interested in Hungarian political affairs nowadays, fewer than in 2013. Despite this, 42% of respondents still said they would be going to the polls next spring.

Hungarian citizens who do not have a permanent address in Hungary can vote for party lists in the country’s parliamentary elections. In 2018, Fidesz received 216,000 of these votes, or 96% of the total.


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