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Szarvas Mayor Found Guilty of Using Abusive Language With Other Politician

picture of Mihály Babák

Mihály Babák, the Fidesz mayor of the southeastern town of Szarvas, was found guilty of a misdemeanor and received a reprimand by the Békéscsaba District Court, reports RTL Klub Híradó.

The conviction stems from an incident in March when Babák humiliated a fellow municipal representative with foul and abusive langauge on a phone call that was recorded by the representative.

According to the report, a conflict arose between the mayor and the representative over the commemoration of the March 15 national holiday two days prior. Among other things said, Babák reportedly ended the conversation by saying, “You’re such a stupid c**t, as always!”

The mayor apologized to the representative in court, saying he was very sorry for losing his temper. However, he has also appealed the court ruling.

This is not the first time the mayor of Szarvas has been accused of offensive language. Babák also cracked a crude sex joke at an opposition politician during a public board meeting last year, for which he later appeared regretful, calling himself a “dumb idiot” for joking in such a manner.


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