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Hungarian Ambassador to Moldova Gets Into Scuffle With Police

picture of Sándor Szabó in car

The Hungarian ambassador to Moldova hit a police office with his car in the Moldovan capital of Chisinau, writes Magyar Hang. The incident, which took place on Saturday near the central market in the Moldovan capital, was captured on the body camera of the police officer.

The 3-minute video shows the police officer politely warning Ambassador Sándor Szabó several times in Russian and Romanian that he is illegally parked. When the police officer asks for the ambassador’s documents, he instead gets in his car and tries to drive away, pushing the officer away from the vehicle. The police officer then requests Szabó to back up, but the diplomat hits the gas again.

Despite the video evidence from the police officer’s body cam, the Hungarian Embassy in Moldova denies the incident while also acknowledging that Ambassador Szabó appeared in the video. The embassy claims the police officer was aggressive and had a lack of regard for Szabó’s diplomatic status.

You can judge for yourself here:

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