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Hungarian Army Going to Africa, Maintaining Contingent in Iraq

picture of Hungarian army

The Hungarian Defense Forces will work together with French forces to provide advice, support, and battlefield mentoring as part of the Operation Barkhane in Africa’s Sahel region, Parliament decided on Tuesday.

Hungary’s decision to provide military assistance to the effort in Africa was made at the request of France and by the presidents of Mali and Nigeria to reduce the pressure on illegal migration in Europe. A maximum of 80 Hungarian troops, supplied with the necessary technical equiment and weapons, will serve until December 31, 2023.

Hungarian MPs also voted for “the further participation of the Hungarian Defense Forces in the international efforts against the Islamic State terrorist organization.”

The National Assembly gave its consent for the Hungarian Defense Forces to station a contingent of maximum 200 troops in the Republic of Iraq until December 31, 2023 to assist international coalition efforts with non-combat duties in the country.


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