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LMP Proposes Cheap “Climate Pass” for Public Transportation

Opposition party LMP announced its support for a “climate pass” that would be valid for all forms of public transportation, said Péter Ungár, the green party’s parliamentary leader, in an online press conference on Sunday. The Hungarian system would be based on a similar German model introduced in June.

As the party envisions it, the all-encompassing pass would only cost 5,000 Ft. (US $13) per month, which would promote public transportation and thereby help solve the energy crisis. LMP plans to submit the proposal to the National Assembly next week, Ungár said.

The politician believes that the fundamental reason for the current energy crisis, in addition to the war in Ukraine, is that the worldwide system based on energy from fossil fuels is coming to an end. He added that until this happens, humanity will continue to face energy crises from time to time.

He also pointed out that although Hungarian officials have spoken favorably about introducing such a climate pass, the government has not yet done anything about it.

The recent rise in energy prices prompted the German Parliament in May to approve a new, three-month public transportation pass costing only €9 ($9.39) per month, helping reduce travel costs in the country. The system went into effect on June 1. [444, Telex]

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