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No Quarantine for Gov’t Workers Who Came Into Contact With Gergely Gulyás

picture of Gergely Gulyás

After the Chief of Staff of the Prime Minister’s Office tested positive for the coronavirus yesterday, there are no plans for government workers who came into contact with him to quarantine, reports Index.

As reported yesterday, Gergely Gulyás was tested for Covid after experiencing influenza-like symptoms, and began quarantining at home after receiving a positive result. Gulyás has only mild symptoms, and is able to work from home.

While the Chief of Staff isn’t certain where he got the virus from, newspaper Magyar Nemzet reported that he began to have a sore throat and fever after returning from a trip to Germany. The Office of the Prime Minister’s Office informed television station ATV that government officials who have recently been in contact with Gulyás would not have to go into quarantine themselves.


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