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Szijjártó Claims Gyurcsány Will Decide Who Gets to Be PM If Opposition Wins

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó claimed that Hungarians will have to decide in next year’s elections whether they want to remain on the path that has been in place since 2010, when Fidesz came to power in a stunning election victory, or go back to the period before 2010.

Referencing the recently-concluded primary elections that chose Péter Márki-Zay as the political opposition’s joint Prime Ministerial candidate, Szijjártó told France24 that the Hungarian National Assembly is based on political parties, and that the Prime Minister is chosen through a Parliamentary majority, not by voters directly.

“If the opposition does win, [former Socialist Prime Minister] Ferenc Gyurcsány will decide on the next Prime Minister,” claimed the Foreign Minister.

In a speech at the end of October, Democratic Coalition Chair Gyurcsány affirmed in a speech to his party that he supported Péter Márki-Zay’s candidacy for Prime Minister. [Index]

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