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MKKP Expects to Win At Least Five Seats in Parliament

Gergely Kovács, chair of Hungary’s “joke” political party, The Two-Tailed Dog Party, told television station ATV that united opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay offered him a Parliamentary seat if MKKP agreed not to run candidates in next year’s election, but the party turned him down.

“If all of our supporters vote for us, we will take 5-6 seats away from Fidesz,” claimed Kovács as justification for turning down the offer from the democratic coalition leader. MKKP is not currently represented in the National Assembly.

Kovács also stated that MKKP doesn’t have a problem with Márki-Zay himself, but rather with the opposition parties supporting him in the democratic coalition. However, he stated that his party would be open to the possibility of cooperating with them.

If they do manage to gain representation in Parliament, Kovács said that the MKKP wouldn’t form an alliance with any other party but would work independently, as they currently do where they have representation in local councils. The party currently has 85 candidates for national elections next year. [Index]

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