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Hungary’s Absentee Voting Laws Are Discriminatory, Says Group Representing Hungarians Abroad

Index takes a detailed look at how voting laws are different for Hungarians with registered addresses inside Hungary and those without an address inside the country. According to the news portal, those who have Hungarian addresses can vote for individual candidates and party lists, while those who don’t can only vote for party lists.

However, those without addresses in Hungary can vote remotely, while Hungarians who have a registered address have to cast their vote in person, even if they are currently residing outside of the country. For Hungarians working abroad, this typically means they will have to travel to a Hungarian Embassy or Consulate to be able to cast their vote.

The non-partisan organization Freie Ungarische Botschaft believes that this situation is discriminatory towards Hungarians working abroad, and that it can necessitate long travel to get to a voting location. In Australia and Canada, for example, despite their enormous size there were only three and two locations, respectively, that Hungarians in those countries could cast a vote at election time.

The organization has launched a petition, currently with 17,590 signatures, directed at Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjén and Justice Minister Judit Varga at the Szabad a Hang website to change this situation.


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