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Fidesz Allegedly Pressuring Independent Mayors Into Collecting Signatures for Stop Gyurcsány Petition

Fidesz is expecting non-politically-aligned mayors in small town to assist with collecting signatures for its Stop Gyurcsány petition, writes Additionally, Fidesz’ IT systems allow it to follow the signature collection process and gather data on a tablet computer that is sent to a central location in real time.

An unnamed independent mayor told the news site that Fidesz is attempting to recruit town leaders who sympathize with the Orbán government but are not affiliated with the party. According to this source, Fidesz MPs regularly hold meetings with “friendly” mayors in their electoral districts, informing them of tenders that the underfinanced local governments can apply for in exchange for certain favors, such as help with billboards or collecting signatures.

At the lastest such meeting, duties related to the Stop Gyurcsány campaign were provided to participants.

However, Fidesz claims that supporters of its signature collection activities always “take part voluntarily,” and that their data collection practices meet all legal requirements. []

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