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Voting Already Underway in Americas

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Voting in Hungary’s parliamentary elections began on Saturday at Hungarian embassies and consulates in North and South America. Hungarian citizens who have an address in Hungary, are abroad on election day, and had registered to vote abroad by March 25 can cast their vote in any Hungarian diplomatic mission in the region between 6:00am-7:00pm local time.

Polling stations in the Americas where Hungarians are able to vote are located in Buenos Aires, Brasília, Sao Paulo, Montevideo, Santiago, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Washington DC, New York City, Miami, Havana, Chicago, Houston, Quito, Bogotá, Mexico City, Panama City, Lima, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

Based on the number of prior registrations, 4,007 Hungarians will be able to vote, with the top four cities New York (980), Toronto (420), Washington (416), and Los Angeles (385).

Once voting is completed, the ballots will be delivered to the National Election Office (NVI) by April 7 at the latest. After it receives the ballot boxes, NVI will then sort the votes by electoral districts.

On Sunday, the ballot boxes from each polling station in every individual electoral district will remain unopened until April 9, when they will be combined together with votes from abroad and absentee votes from within the country. This will determine the result of each polling station, and only afterwards will it be possible to determine the final result of the parliamentary election and the referendum.


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