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Karácsony Announces Facemask Requirement for Theaters and Cinemas

Following up from the Budapest City Government’s announcement yesterday that it would be ready to implement stricter regulations to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, Mayor Gergely Karácsony stated on his Facebook page that he had requested the Hungarian government to mandate facemasks for all indoor spaces. In addition, he announced that Budapest is taking action on its own in this regard, and where the law allows the city is ordering compulsory mask wearing inside institutions run by the city, such as inside theaters and cinemas, from November 1.

Budapest won’t wait for the government, wrote Karácsony, which is why the Metropolitan Operating Body has made this decision. As soon as the government orders a vaccine mandate, the Budapest City Government will immediately begin talks with trade unions, and companies and institutions under its supervision to determine which areas of public employment it can mandate the Covid vaccine. Karácsony most likely is thinking of those who work around critical senior in nursing homes, suggests 444.

The mayor wrote, “As I’ve said in the past, and will continue to say: the vaccine is one of the most important defensive tools we have against the pandemic. And so I ask everyone to please get vaccinated. In the coming days all workers at Budapest-run companies will get a letter from city government asking them to get the vaccine as soon as possible if they haven’t already.” [444]

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