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Budapest Ready to Implement Stricter Measures Against Coronavirus

Budapest Deputy Mayor Ambrus Kiss reacted to new measures announced yesterday by the government, stating that he hoped the government would require new mask mandates for all closed spaces and not just on public transportation. Speaking at a press conference on the Coronavirus situation at Budapest City Hall, Kiss said that if the government does not do so, then the City of Budapest will use the legal powers it has to make mask wearing compulsory at cinemas, theaters, libraries, and museums under its supervision.

Budapest city government has already begun talks with trade unions over vaccine mandates, which the Hungarian government has announced for health care institutions. However, capital leaders believe it is more needed in the social sector. Whereas the majority of workers in homeless shelters and nursing homes are already vaccinated, discussions are proceeding with interest groups of other companies on this matter.

Deputy Mayor Kata Tüttő added that they believe that “the Hungarian government wants to push the responsibility of pandemic-related decisions onto the local governments, and we won’t back away from it.” [Népszava] [Photo: Márton Béres/Népszava]

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