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Freeszfe Society Wins European Citizens’ Prize

The European Parliament has awarded a European Citizens’ Prize to Hungary’s Freeszfe Society for its “Emergency Exit” operation to benefit students enrolled in Budapest’s University of Theater and Film Arts.

Following the furor surrounding the proposed privatization of the university and the blockade of the building by students for 71 days, five universities in Western Europe agreed to help students obtain their degrees through special agreements.

According to the Parliament’s announcement of the award, the Western European universities provided an accreditation framework for the students, and the Freeszfe Society arranged for their material needs.

“At the heart of the ambition and courage of the Hungarian participants to join a previously unheard-of programme and the flexibility and swift but completely legitimate assistance of the partner universities lies the common system of values and the open approach, mindful of tradition, which is the European Union’s own,” writes the announcement. [Népszava]

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