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European Parliament Adopts Cseh Report, Letting Cities Apply for EU Funds Directly

picture of Gergely Karácsony and Katalin Cseh

The European Parliament has voted in favor of the Cseh report, which will allow cities to apply for EU funding directly, circumventing state intervention, announced Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh and Budapest Mayor Gergly Karácsony (pictured) in a joint statement yesterday.

The newly-adopted report states what the [Hungarian] capital has been lobbying for years in Brussels, which is allowing cities to apply for EU funding directly, and receive a portion of coronavirus recovery funds directly. This means that cities that have been bled dry financially by Fidesz, including Budapest, will be able to access important resources.

-the duo write on social media.

Karácsony and Cseh saw the need for this because they believe ruling party Fidesz has an undue influence on directing EU money that comes to Hungary, such as Fidesz-run towns and cities receiving a disproportionate amount of funds. In addition, they want to ensure that any EU funds withheld due to the irresponsibility of the government are able to reach the final beneficiaries directly.

Katalin Cseh’s report to the Parliamentary Committee on Regional Policy also covers topics such as education, digitalization, and climate change, as well as gender equality and domestic violence.

Gergely Karácsony believes that the adoption of the Cseh report could be a huge help to cities, municipalities, and businesses who are trying to recover from Covid.

[Telex][Photo: Katalin Cseh / Facebook]

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