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Experts Give Government Failing Grade on Pandemic Communication Efforts

Honest talk is key in the fight against Covid, according to health experts that spoke with Népszava. However, the Orbán government’s communication regarding the pandemic is “scandalously bad, selective, and secretive,” and that “political considerations have shoved pandemic matters into the background.”

The fourth wave of the Coronavirus pandemic is upon us, they claim, but the government is not giving an honest appraisal of gravity of the situation, apart from a few pieces of data. Comments made by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and politicians from the ruling Fidesz party on the pandemic have often been contradictory or even misleading.

As an example, although medical associations, experts, and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences emphasize the importance of masks in limiting the communal spread of the Covid-19 virus, the Hungarian premier recently announced on public radio that the idea that masks are protective was simply an “illusion,” a statement that contradicts the government’s own experts.

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