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Hungary Blocking €500m in Aid to Ukraine for Weapons

Hungary is not giving approval to €500 million in new aid from the European Peace Framework that could be used to purchase weapons for Ukraine, reports Euronews. Set up in 2021, the European Peace Framework operates outside of the EU budget, and is designed to “increase the capability of the Union to prevent conflicts, create peace and strengthen international security.”

Member states have approved a total of €3.1 billion until now. For the time being, Hungary has not agreed to the next payment of €500 million, which was planned to be discussed again at Monday’s meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers. Diplomats interviewed by Euronews called the development shocking, “undermining EU unity and breaking previous agreements.” According to the media source, the EU is putting together an emergency scenario that can be used to avoid Hungarian resistance.

EU member states provide funds for the Peace Framework, with each country contributing a share to its budget. Hungary has fulfilled all of its payment obligations for the initiative so far. [444]

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  1. Misi bácsi

    Thanks for your usual high level of reporting. The moral depravity of the Hungarian regime as evidenced by blocking aid to Ukraine, let alone many other examples of such is still stunning. Bibó István’s classic, “Democracy, Revolution and Self Determination” and Konrád György’s “A Guest in My Own Country are alternative examples of higher level/ ethical thinking and behavior. I often consult these Hungarian authors and others such as Magyar Bálint to remind me what is possible in Hungary and elsewhere.I take the long view of history with the arc of justice, kindness and compassion bending-even if slowly- toward better times.

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