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Homeless Could Do More to Help Alleviate Hungary’s Crisis, Says State Secretary

“Everyone has to bear some burden. Private households as well. Why shouldn’t providers for the homeless take on the burden of crowding them closer together and taking up fewer square meters. This is simply what we’re talking about,” stated László Felkai, State Secretary for Public Administration of the Ministry of the Interior, in response to MP András Jámbor, writes 444.

Jámbor had asked in Parliament’s Legislation Committee about the government decree on operating Hungary’s social care system in the current crisis. The decree states that in a “war emergency,” “the provider of basic social services, specialized care, family and child welfare services, temporary homes for children, temporary homes for families, and opportunities-enhancing services for children” may deviate from the personal and material conditions set in the law.

The oppostion MP also asked why the Ministry of the Interior thinks that instead of five specialists in a homeless care facility, only one would be enough in one evening.

In response, State Secretary for Public Administration László Felkai said that this was an emergency decree, so the government does not want to make it permanent either. Before making the comment on homeless shelters, he also said that the decree would resolve the staffing limit placed on care institutions, as they “cannot put up new buildings all of a sudden.”

Felkai’s response can be seen at 4:09 in the video:


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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Despite the lack of visible distance between individuals in Hungary, it looks as if such a thing as social coherence has been erased from the Hungarian equation.
    A quick look across western borders shows the extent of Hungarian export of poverty to the EU.

  2. Misi bacsi

    Thanks for this important story which also gives a clear picture of this regime’s contempt for the providers of services to the homeless, let alone the people of Hungary.

    I suggest that the regime mafia model making do with less space by giving away their luxury flats, high end cars, laundering of money in Hungary and/or outside of Hungary etc. back to the people of Hungary. If that were done, there would be more than enough space for all Hungarians.

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