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Civil Groups Present Solutions to Hungary’s Housing Crisis to Parties

picture of poor village

Hungary has a housing crisis, with roughly three million people and one-third of the population affected by housing poverty, according to expert civil organizations in a statement sent to Hungary’s political parties on Monday.

For this situation to change, there needs to be a change in housing and social policy considerations and in public opinion. This is why we want to bring our proposals on housing to the attention of the parties and coalitions before the 2022 general elections, so that they can be included in the election campaign and implemented by those elected to government.

-wrote The City Belongs to Everyone, From Street to Apartment! Association, Habitat for Humanity Hungary, the Periphery Center, and City Research Kft. in their statement.

The suggestions by these NGOs include:

  • A predictable housing policy that reduces long-term social disparities;
  • Reducing and preventing homelessness;
  • Reducing housing poverty, and expanding the non-profit housing sector and the range of affordable housing;
  • Reducing energy poverty through energy-related renovations.

The civil groups also propose legal amendments that strengthen the security and affordability of housing, as well as the establishment of a government body that will be responsible for housing policy.


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