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Ujhelyi to Orbán: If You’re So Dead Set Against Russian Sanctions, Why Did You Vote for Them?

In view of the events of the past few days and the statements made by the Government, I would like to ask you to provide a substantive and reassuring explanation to the following question: On what grounds did you or your government’s representative vote for all the European sanctions that have to date been imposed on Russia?

-asked MSZP politician István Ujhelyi on Wednesday.

The question posed by the Socialist Member of the European Parliament (MEP) refers to messaging from the Orbán government over the past few months, which has repeatedly criticized the EU’s sanctions policy despite the fact that it continues to negotiate with the European Commission for desperately-needed EU funds.

On the first day of the autumn session in Parliament this week, the Prime Minister spoke of “sanctions inflation” instead of the previously-formulated “war inflation,” and claimed that the crisis would be significantly eased if the sanctions against Russia were lifted.

However, as Ujhelyi points out, Viktor Orbán’s government voted for all of the sanctions put before it. [HVG]

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