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Slovak Foreign Minister Concerned Over Hungary’s Behavior

At a press conference in Bratislava, Slovak Foreign Minister Ivan Korčok expressed his concern over repeated comments by Hungarian representatives on joint EU sanctions against Russia, reports Bloomberg.

“I understand Hungary’s comments less and less, and we are not the only ones,” Korčok said, rejecting certain “claims that Slovakia supports Ukraine just to get in good favor with Brussels.”

“The opposite is true,” claimed Ivan Korčok. “I feel that Budapest wants to exploit every opportunity to oppose joint EU decisions.”

Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó was the only “no” vote on a plan by the EU to conserve energy, as the ministers of every other EU Member State supported the idea of consuming less natural gas. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán stated that through the plan, Brussels had taken another step in the direction of a “war economy.”

Orbán also said at the Tusványos gathering that sanctions were not having an effect on Moscow, and he doubted that Ukraine would be able to defeat the Russian army in the conflict. [444]

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