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EU Should Not Take Ukraine’s Side in the War, Says Orbán at Tusványos

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán delivered an hour-long speech in Băile Tușnad (Tusnádfürdő), Romania on Saturday, his first visit to the annual summer gathering in the Transylvanian region since 2019.

In his speech, Orbán analyzed the world’s energy situation and criticized both the United States and the European Commission in this regard. The West no longer has control of energy, he believes, only military power.

Orbán said that the West had moved to Central Europe, and in its place is a “post-West.” He reiterated his belief that a fight between two halves of Europe is taking place due to migration and George Soros.

“We are willing to mix with each other, but we do not want to become a mixed race,” said the Prime Minister as a way of explaining his anti-Islamic and anti-migration views.

Orbán did not omit the topic of gender either. As he stated, we have to accept that the father is a man, the mother is a woman, children should be left alone, and that this is not an ideological issue.

Orbán: There Wouldn’t Be a War if Trump Were President

The Prime Minister then discussed the war in Ukraine, repeating his party’s well-worn arguments as to why Hungary wants to stay out of the conflict, and noting that if the American President was called Donald Trump, the war would not have broken out.

Regarding the sanctions, Orbán compared them to sitting in a car with four flat tires. He also doubted that Ukraine would emerge victorious in the conflict:

The Ukrainians will never win a war against Russia if they’re trained by Americans, because the Russian army has an asymmetric advantage.

Viktor Orbán believes the European Union should not be on the side of the Ukrainians, but occupy an area between the Russians and the Ukrainians. There will be no peace until the Russians and the Americans sit down and negotiate, he said.

On the current energy situation, the Hungarian Prime Minister stated that prices were raised to “protect” the Hungarian policy of subsidzing utility costs.

The European economy is headed towards chaos, and his intention is to make Hungary a local exception to this. The peak of the crisis in the West is expected to be in 2030, said Orbán. [HVG, Azonnali]

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