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Ferencváros Mayor Urges Fellow Opposition Politicians to Do Better

Krisztina Baranyi, the mayor of Budapest’s District IX, expressed her disappointment with the members of Hungary’s political opposition in an interview with hvg360.

The results of recent special elections show that voters are rejecting the opposition because its parties continue the same type of politicking as before, as if Fidesz had not been newly-granted a two-thirds majority in Parliament for the fourth time, said the Ferencváros Mayor. As she put it:

The opposition does not carry out any issue to its conclusion, and it especially does not like those that require a lot of energy. Not a single politician, not even a local one, appeared at the Ukrainian aid concert in Ferencváros. The results of the by-elections also show that opposition voters have turned their backs on the parties of the united coalition.

Baranyi believes that the opposition has its work cut out for it by offering worthy answers to issues important to the community, then fighting to realize them.

These issues include clarifying Hungary’s relationship with the EU and Russia, offering real support for Ukraine, ending poverty and the climate catastrophe, designing a fairer tax system and reducing inflation, limiting mass emigration out of Hungary and the consequent labor shortage, and providing assistance for victims of domestic violence. [Népszava]

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