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Pro-Government Media Avoids Reporting on Euro-Forint Exchange Rate Turbulence

Hungary’s currency appeared to be in free fall on Wednesday, but the country’s pro-government media generally preferred to avoid the topic completely, writes HVG.

The Hungarian forint was trading at 413 against the euro on Wednesday afternoon, and by 3:00pm it had dropped to around 416.

HVG took a look at the major government-boosting media outlets to explore how they were covering the issue, but by 4:30pm on Wednesday, none of the websites for Origo, Magyar Nemzet, or (public media) had a single story about the forint’s rough ride in the markets that day on their front pages.

Only Pesti Srácok had published a story, below the fold, on the plummeting exchange rate. However, the leading story here was the same as on “Historic Victory Over the Irresponsible European Left.”

HVG also looked at the websites for a few tabloids, but the situation was the same, with their only economic news focusing on the government’s utility price cut policy and higher parking rates in Budapest. [HVG]

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