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Gyurcsány Makes “404” Joke About New Historical Low For Hungarian Forint

DK President Ferenc Gyurcsány reacted to the news of the forint’s new historic low against the euro on Monday morning.

The former Socialist prime minister posted an image on social media that displayed a screenshot of a supposed website called “” ( with text that read:

404! Oops! Responsible government not found!

It seems there’s nothing here, just a weak forint, weak government, and feeble prime minister. Come back later!

Underneath the image, Gyurcsány commented on the news of the morning:

One euro is worth 404 forints. The “street fighter” has even taken the forint to the mat.

Shortly after 1:00pm on Monday, the forint strengthened to 402.62 against the euro.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has referred to himself as a “street fighter” in the past. [Magyar Hang]

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