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Polish MEP and Former Orbán Classmate Chides PM for His Position on the War

Népszava published an interview several days ago with Polish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Radoslaw Sikorski, who once studied at Oxford together with Viktor Orbán. In the interview, Sikorski likened Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky to Imre Nagy, the Hungarian hero of 1956, while he also said that he could not now find the Orbán he once knew, and did not know what had happened to the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Sikorski also asked who Orbán was pulling for in the war: “the victim of Russian aggression, or the aggressor?”

The MEP’s words may have touched a nerve with the Hungarian Prime Minister, as the latter responded to Sikorski in a letter that was not widely publicized. However, Népszava obtained the English-language letter and published it on Friday.

In the letter dated June 15, Orban wrote that Hungary wants peace, an end to the armed conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and desires to help Ukraine and provide for the country’s wartime refugees.

Hungary and its citizens deserve recognition and gratitude for their efforts instead of offensive statements and indoctrination.

-Orbán wrote to the Polish politician.

Sikorski sent a response to Orbán’s letter a few days later, on June 22, which Népszava also published. He wrote that Orbán is correct that Hungary has the right to veto the decisions of the Council. “It is just the way that you have exercised that right which baffles me,” noted the MEP.

Radoslaw Sikorski also pointed out that Hungary has banned the transit of weapons across Hungary to Ukraine while the country is “fighting for its very existence.”

I struggle to reconcile the decisions you are making today with the words that launched your career in politics on 16th June 1989. During the reburial of prime minister Imre Nagy you said that the Soviet domination of Hungary was an “Asian impasse” from which the country needed a way out. You called for democracy, free elections and the withdrawal of Russian troops. Can you not see that President Zelensky wants for his country the same things that the young Viktor Orbán wanted for his?

Would Józef Bem, the hero of both our nations, be proud of you if you blocked the transit of weapons through Hungary when he fought the Russians on behalf of Poland?

-wrote Radolsaw Sikorski to the Hungarian Prime Minister. [HVG]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    Polish MEP, Sikorski hit the nail on the head with his comments regarding the Orban regime. And the invitation to the Hungarian President to attend Portland Gay Pride was a great move. Two examples of excellent political/humanitarian strategy. The Hungarian regime will find it difficult to escape the logical conclusions of the negative outcome of regime policies toward Europe, Ukraine, Gay Hungarians and all Human Beings. Important posts-thank you.

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