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Dialogue Invites President Novák to Take Part in Budapest Pride Event

In an online news conference held on Friday, opposition party Dialogue invited Hungarian President Katalin Novák to take part in one of the Budapest Pride events.

Since Hungary’s head of state “has spoken so much” about how she represents the entire nation and wants to show some kind of unity, said party spokesperson Richárd Barabás, it would “very much help heal the country’s wounds if, for example, she paid her respects at a Pride event.”

Barabás said that Dialogue believes in love and freedom, and stands up for all members of both the hetero and LGBTQI communities.

In a possible response to the invitation, Katalin Novák listed on social media five areas in which she “will invigorate Hungarians,” but none declared any support for Hungary’s LGBTQI community.

Speaking in an interview with Telex a few days ago, Novák stated that she had not been to a Pride event, and was not planning to go one in the future. [Magyar Hang]

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