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Klubrádió Won’t Get its Radio Frequency Back

The Media Council has issued a decision on the right to use the 92.9 MHz frequency, which will not be returned to Klubrádió, the media authority told Telex. Klubrádió operated on 92.9 between 2014-2021, but the Media Council, made up exclusively of Fidesz delegates, did not extend the radio station’s frequency license last year.

The authority then gave the frequency temporarily to Spirit FM, which has ties with ATV, and later issued a tender for the license.

Although both Klubrádió and Spirit FM applied for the tender, the media authority awarded the frequency to the latter, claiming that it repeats its programs less frequently. This means that Spirit FM will remain on the 92.9 frequency for the next ten years.

Klubrádió has moved its programs online since it lost its frequency license, and will apparently continue its programming on But this makes it harder for the station to reach older listeners, as well as those who prefer to listen to traditional radio in the car.

Klubrádió has never hid its ideological leanings, and it is widely suspected that the station lost its frequency license for political reasons, as the all-Fidesz Media Council was likely not enamored of its openly opposition-oriented outlook. [Telex]

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