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Katarina Barley Wants to Suspend Hungary’s EU Voting Rights

Katarina Barley, Vice President of the European Parliament, wants to take away Hungary’s right to vote in the EU because of the frequent extortion threats by the Orbán government. In an interview with MDR Aktuell, the German Social Democrat politician stated that Hungary was abusing the principle of unanimous consent commonly used in the European Union, writes

Barley believes that Hungary’s right to vote can in principle be suspended due to the country’s rule of law violations, and that it is no longer possible to talk about democratic and constitutional conditions now that the country has gradually fallen into the hands of Viktor Orbán.

She noted that the principle of unanimous consent was adopted when the European Union had only six members, but has become unwieldy for 27 Member States. The problem is that the principle of unanimity can only be resolved through unanimous consent, she said.

The Orbán government recently drew negative attention to itself for repeatedly threatening to veto the sanctions package containing an oil embargo on Russian oil if Patriarch Kirill of Moscow was not removed from the list of sanctioned persons, which eventually happened on Thursday. [Népszava]

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  1. 2bits4free

    Nothing should come as a surprise when it comes to Viktor Orban`s endless lies, including his latest regarding Patriarch Kirill, the corrupt and greedy so-called man of cloth and buddy of Putin the murderer.

    What is always surprising though is the endless naivete or ignorance of the EU which consistently bows to Orban`s blackmailing.

    Why has it been successfully hoodwinked by Viktor Orban into removing sanctions against Patriarch Kirill on the grounds of “religious persecution“ while Orban continues the most horrendous religious persecution against Ivanyi Gabor, Methodist minister and vociferous critic of the Fidesz government. Is it hypocrisy or ignorance driving the EU`s endless appeasement of dictators who continue to blackmail the EU with lies.
    The EU`s lack of moral fibre is partly responsible for the rise of authoritarian dictators throughout Europe, by exercising the most mind boggling double standards for the sake of expediency.

  2. 2bits4free

    And furthermore, it has come to light that as far back as his college days in Hungary, Orban was spotted by Putin as an ideal candidate to act as his puppet in Europe.
    Word from Brussels was that had Orban been PM then, Hungary would not have been allowed membership.
    But by clever conniving and propaganda, here we are with Orban, a paid employee of Putin`s, doing a grand job of sabotaging the EU, using the democratic systems to demolish democracy!
    More fools the EU.

    Hungary`s voting rights in all EU organizations should be suspended immediately until a proper democracy is restored in Hungary.

    Kirill was a member of the KGB which even infiltrates the church, and he is involved with drug and sex trafficking and God knows what else. by removing him from the sanctions list, the EU is complicit with all his nefarious activities.

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