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No Candidate From United Opposition on Ballot for Eger Special Election

The Northern Hungarian town of Eger will be holding a special election for a new municipal representative on June 26, but the ballot won’t have a candidate from Hungary’s united opposition on it.

At the moment, voters will be able to select from candidates representing Fidesz and Our Homeland, plus at least two non-party-affiliated candidates. Two other independent candidates may also make the ballot by the deadline, and Egri Ügyek claims that the Solution Movement is also looking to field a candidate.

Ádám Vermes was sponsored by united opposition coalition partners DK and Jobbik, but Vermes announced in a Facebook post on Saturday that he was withdrawing his candidacy.

The reason for this is because the conditions for running a successful campaign are not currently in place.

-Vermes wrote in his post.

“Thus the national trend continues of the opposition, beaten in the April elections, still unable to offer an alternative,” wrote Egri Ügyek. [Azonnali]

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