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Momentum Charges Fidesz With Fraud as It Appeals Election Results

Momentum is charging Fidesz with electoral fraud following a special election held in the Buda Castle district at the beginning of September. The by-election for the District I municipal government was won by the Fidesz candidate, Csilla Fazekas, by a mere 60 votes against the opposition candidate, Momentum’s Borbála Korsós.

The opposition party is claiming that since the beginning of August, numerous suspicious people had established residence in the district at 16 Ostrom Street. It later was revealed that many people associated with Fidesz youth group Fidelitas had registered at that address, included the Fidelitas vice president.

The local election office then released a statement in which it stated that “the number of voters did indeed show an exceptionally high increase at the address indicated in the objection. However, the LEC [Local Election Commission] does not have the right or competence to investigate, as official authorities, the legality of address declarations.”

On Facebook, Momentum President Ferenc Gelencsér wrote on Monday:

It is unrealistic to think that 10 people can just establish residency in the same apartment, and 13 people in the same apartment building, within a matter of days. This is particularly unrealistic because the property at 16 Ostrom Street is primarily a medical center and not a residential building. We will not let Fidesz get away with its fraud, and will appeal the LEC’s decision to the Metropolitan Election Commission!”


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  1. Michael Detreköy

    Election manipulation is the explanation for Fidesz’ recorded successes.
    The fact that official public administrations “play stupid”, whenever relevant questions are addressed, only adds to the democratic deficeit crisis, in Hungary.

  2. Luis

    It was plain for all that after Fidesz allowed voters to choose their voting district irrespective of residence, they were essentially legalizing voting fraud. I’m not sure if the new rule actually applies in the case of this local by-election, but the goal of Fidesz youth group Fidelitas’ actions is exactly the same: to move voters around until you attain the desired majority.

    The reaction of the Local Election Commission is identical to the reaction of the national board when confronted with the destruction of opposition votes abroad last spring: “Not in our remit”. It sounds like weak legalistic defense from obsequious apparatchiks.

  3. Misi bacsi

    Thank you Michael and Luis for reminding readers of the effective and ongoing voter fraud that the regime has engaged in. The slow, but steady “salami tactics” have turned rule of law into law of rule e.g. removing non regime judges, “donating” print media to regime controlled “foundations”, so called election “reforms” which favor the regime, taking over most universities etc. Liberal Democracy is-of course- under assault elsewhere i.e. the crazed nazi like salutes at recent Trump events, let alone his endorsement of the “Q”

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