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World is “Getting Tired” of Zelensky, Claims György Nógrádi

Although world leaders have been trying to persuade Vladimir Putin to end the war against Ukraine since it began on February 24, “security policy expert” György Nógrádi claims that they are actually getting fed up with Volodymyr Zelensky, as he said in an interview on the Ultrasound Youtube channel.

“The world is starting to get tired of Zelensky condemning everyone,” according to Nógrádi. While the Ukrainian President has not actually condemned “everyone,” he has expressed his harsh disapproval of countries like Hungary that are less enthusiastic about providing support for Ukraine’s defense through means such as arms transfers.

Nógrádi also reinforced the increasingly-popular narrative, which has become especially popular within right-wing circles, that the United States is fighting a proxy war through Ukraine. The security expert stated that the United States wouldn’t allow Ukraine to give up territory even if it wanted to. However, he said that Ukraine would “give up the war” if the U.S. requested it.

György Nógrádi, who is frequently consulted for expert opinion on Hungarian state-run television, claimed shortly after the war broke out in late February that Putin just wanted a “neutral” government in power in Kyiv, and that in fact “Ukraine started this war.” [Magyar Hang]

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