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Police May Have Wiretapped MP Hadházy Without Warrant

The Prosecutor General’s Office has received a report that investigators from the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) had been surveilling people without warrants over the past few years, reports Blikk.

The tabloid claims that among the people targeted was independent MP Ákos Hadházy, who has parliamentary immunity from prosecution, as well as a well-known celebrity and several members of the “Park Protectors” group that protested cutting down trees and development in Budapest’s City Park.

According to the tabloid, the department head gave instructions for the surveillance. Investigators tracked the movements of the targeted individuals, documenting their work with photos and videos.

You can’t hid in the shadows and surrender. You have to show them that they can’t intimidate people.

-said Ákos Hadházy to the Hungarian daily in reaction to the news that he may have been a target of surveillance.

Police did not respond to Blikk‘s questions. [444]

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