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Hadházy Wants Parliamentary Opposition to Not Become “Decorative”

picture of Ákos Hadházy

Ákos Hadházy has written a letter to the heads of Hungary’s opposition parliamentary parties in which he expressed concern about them becoming a “decorative” opposition force after they assume their mandates. The independent MP stated that they must avoid proposals that “legitimize Fidesz’s power in a Parliament created by an unfair election.”

Since the election, Hadházy has argued that opposition MPs should only take part in the inaugural session of the new National Assembly under certain conditions. Momentum is behind his proposal, while LMP has come out against it, with Péter Ungár even calling it ridiculous.

Hadházy is urging that the party heads get together soon, as he has learned that “certain parties are starting talks as early as the beginning of the week on deciding their positions in Parliament.”

He also want to convince his former party, LMP, that:

Problems and possible solutions do not only have to be discussed in Parliament for them to be visible. Members of Parliament can also take advantage of their mandates outside of the walls of the Honored (?) House. And in the current circumstances, it is only there where they can truly do it.

Hadházy won an individual mandate in Budapest’s Zugló district, and will be joining the Momentum parliamentary group under an agreement reached with the party last fall. [444]

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