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Szijjártó: We Won’t Vote for Latest Russian Sanctions

“We will not be voting on another round of sanctions in Brussels until there is a solution to Hungary’s energy security,” wrote Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Péter Szijjártó on social media on Sunday.

Szijjártó wrote that he had spoken by phone with Abdulla Shahid, the President of the UN General Assembly. The Hungarian Foreign Minister called on Shahid to continue to use the prestige of the United Nations for a ceasefire and peace-building, as “it is in the interests of us Hungarians for there to be peace as soon as possible.”

We also talked about the new sanctions package from Brussels. Shahid is well aware that we have voted in favor of all the sanctions packages so far, but this latest one would destroy the security of Hungary’s energy supply, which has been on solid footing until now. Until there is a solution to the problem posed by the Brussels proposal, we will not vote in favor of this package.

-wrote Péter Szijjártó on Facebook.

On Friday morning, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán called the latest sanctions an “economic atomic bomb” for his country. [Index]

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