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Justice Minister Calls Rule of Law Procedure Against Hungary a “Witch-Hunt”

In a Facebook post on Wednesday showing a picture of many empty seats in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Justice Minister Judit Varga mocked the proceedings taking place against Hungary over the state of the rule of law in the country:

Look at how many people were concerned about the state of the rule of law in Hungary and Poland at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on Tuesday. Speaking to ca. 10-20 people in a room usually packed with hundreds of them, Commissioner Didier Reynders said: ‘I cannot report positive developments on the state of the rule of law in either Hungary or Poland.’

As previously reported, the conditionality mechanism on the rule of law was officially launched against Hungary at the beginning of April. The European Commission continues to express concerns about Hungary and Poland, primarily regarding the independence of the judiciary and corruption.

The Justice Minister then expressed her own thoughts on the nature of the proceedings in somewhat conspiratorial tones:

It’s time to admit that the rule of law witch-hunt is in fact a tool of ideological pressure, serving only the interests of a narrow circle in the Brussels bubble to discredit Member States committed to a strong Europe of strong nations who say no to imperial ambitions.


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