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Our Homeland Reserves Andrássy Ave, Depriving It from Budapest Pride March

The Our Homeland Movement again managed to reserve Andrássy Avenue and surrounding areas on July 23, the party wrote in a statement, thereby depriving Budapest Pride march from using Budapest’s grandest boulevard.

Together with other groups associated with the far-right political party, Our Homeland put in a request to reserve the location at the absolute earliest moment, at midnight on Saturday, which was then granted by Budapest Police.

Last year, Pride organizers also had to re-route their march because of Our Homeland. [444]

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  1. Misi bacsi

    This is how a regime acts, especially a regime sympathetic to Putin. No accident that both Hitler and Stalin were notorious homophobes in countries that prior to those thugs had brief periods of greater human rights for LGB individuals after 1917 and/or 1918 (T is left out as the concept of transexual did not enter into significant consciousness until after WWII and/or much later).

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