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Opposition in Sárvár Recruiting Candidates on Facebook for Special Election

The western Hungarian town of Sárvár is holding a municipal by-election on June 26 due to the death of one of its local representatives, but the political opposition has been unable to find any suitable candidates and has taken to recruiting on Facebook, reports HVG.

The “Everyone for Sárvár Movement,” which defines itself as opposed to Fidesz, specifies that it is looking for a candidate “who is not running under the Fidesz banner or one of its allies, and accepts the Sárvár opposition statement.”

Applicants have until April 29 to apply, and a primary will be held in Sárvár’s 5th electoral district between April 30-May 5 if more than one suitable candidate applies. [HVG]

Posted in 2022 Elections

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